Zenzero Association donates to support Street Academy sports project.

Street Academy a non-governmental organization located behind the Arts Centre in Accra has received donations of recreational items from ...

Zenzero Association donates to support Street Acad
Zenzero Association donates to support Street Acad

Street Academy a non-governmental organization located behind the Arts Centre in Accra has received donations.

of recreational items from Zenzero Association to aid the students in their recreation.

Some of the items included a football, gloves, clothes, and reading materials.

The Association based in Switzerland operates mostly in some African countries like Ghana and Uganda.

primarily collects and recycles plastic waste as well as synthesizes with people on sanitation geared.

towards environmental sustainability and protection.

In an interview with Latenu Radio, Founder and President of the Zenzero Association, Jane Lepori.

said, for about two years, the Association has been partnering with the school and supporting.

them with learning materials and other aids.

She further said the donation made to the school is to help with the school's.

sports project.

She said ".

the school wants to teach the importance of sports to the children and we are.

supporting the school with materials and today we bring football, clothes and balloons, gloves and.

materials for the children.

Jane Lepori made it known that currently, the Association plans to increase the collection point.

of the waste materials in Accra from 6 to 15 by the end of March.

She encouraged the general public to get involved in plastic waste collection and recycling to.

help protect the environment.

She noted that this would help the country attain a very clean space.



The Founder and Headteacher of Street Academy, Ataa Lartey expressed his gratitude to Zenzero Association.

for the support.

He appealed to the public to keep supporting the school so that more street kids.

can be enrolled in the school as they are the future of the country.

 "We (the school) wanted to build a recreational centre for the children and we made.

the Association aware, they have been our partners for two years now and they been.

able to grant our wish.

those who have been able to pass out of the school are doing extremely well,.

we therefore appeal to the general public to help us support the children.

they are the future leaders of the country and it is our sole responsibility to.

cater for their well-being for the betterment of the country.

Some children of the school expressed their joy and gratitude towards the Association and said,.

hopefully through the sporting activity they would be able to become sports legends.

The Street Academy is a non-governmental organization that offers a three-year bridge program preparing students.

for mainstream education, the public school system, and vocational training.

 Committed to the most vulnerable children, It is 100% free, sponsoring books, uniforms, and two.

meals a day.

It offers inclusive refuge for under-resourced and under-privileged children by providing an alternative school curriculum.

rooted in informal academic teachings, sports, music, art, and culture.




SOURCE: Naa Teiko 


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