Certification and Licensing Pre-Requisite for Fish Exports

The Fisheries Commission launched the safe fish certification and licensing scheme on 31st January 2023 to promote the proper handling an...

Certification and Licensing Pre-Requisite for Fish
Certification and Licensing Pre-Requisite for Fish

The Fisheries Commission launched the safe fish certification and licensing scheme on 31st January 2023.

to promote the proper handling and consumption of healthy fish.

This certification fosters access to higher, value-added markets in Ghana and Facilitates fish exports from.

Ghana to markets overseas, especially with the implementation of the AfCTA initiative.

This certification would also ensure the various stakeholders involved in fish processing enforce the adopted.

measures to curb the illegal methods of fishing, and unhealthy fish processing which is unhealthy.

for public consumption.

Speaking at the Launch, the Deputy Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Moses Anim said,.

the long-term sustainability of the fishery resources has been threatened by the increased number of.

illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing as a result, this has led to post-harvest losses to.

the country's stock market and threatened food security.

Hence as part of the several measures put in place by the government, the Certification.

and Licensing would regulate the fish processing method adopted by the processors especially at the.

local level, to ensure safe and healthy fish is produced for consumption.

He further said that " the Ministry is currently undertaking a review the Fisheries legislation.

to strengthen the regulatory framework to address lapses in the fisheries governance to meet international.

best practice, in the biodiversity conservation, recovery of fish stocks and seafood quality and safety.

standards and disability of fish products from sea to tables".


Moses Anim reiterated the need by the various stakeholders to ensure this development is achieved.

He encouraged the Food processors who have been awarded Certificates to operate to ensure they.

keep up with the FDA food processing Standardization.

The Safe Fish Licensing and Scheme is an upgrade of the Class One Piloting of.

regulation of fish processing started in 2019.

Addressing the theme for the occasion, "Safe Fish, Better Health", the C.


O of the FDA, Dr.

Akua Amartey, said, the USAID Sustainable Fish Management Project found that, the average PH level.

of smoked fish along the coast was over 300 gram per kilogram which posed a.

health risk to consumers.

The FDA proposed some measures such as proper hand washing before handling food, use of.

clean water for the fish, use of gloves and aprons before handling the fish and.

a clean environment to qualify for the Licensing and Certification and would sanction those who.

would flaunt measures.

The Deputy Executive Director of the Fisheries Commission, Mr.

Paul Bannerman said the Commission would train Auditors responsible for inspection of the place of.

work of the the fish processors and would ensure the adherence of the safety processing.


At the end of the launch, about 55 persons were presented with Certificate of License.

to operate as fish processors.


SOURCE: Naa Teiko


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