AMA-BIGRS unveils road safety enhancement works at the Holy Spirit Cathedral

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly with collaboration with the  Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS) ...

AMA-BIGRS unveils road safety enhancement works at
AMA-BIGRS unveils road safety enhancement works at

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly with collaboration with the  Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety.

(BIGRS) and Partnership for Healthy Cities (PHC) has inaugurated  a major road safety enhancement works.

at the Holy Spirit Cathedral intersection in Accra.

to ensure road safety.

The road safety enhancement works which were carried out with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative.

for Global Road Safety (BIGRS) and Partnership for Healthy Cities (PHC) sought to among other.

things address the issue of pedestrian safety and reduce crashes.

Speaking at the event Mayor of Accra,  Hon Elizabeth Scakey,  said the Assembly priorities were.

diverse with one overarching goal to improve the quality of life of people living within.

the city of Accra by providing leadership and opportunities for social and economic development whilst.

maintaining a clean, healthy and secured environment.

  She said a key component of the desired quality of life was pedestrian and.

driver safety as well as the availability of proper road infrastructure for the safe movement.

of all road users.

The inauguration of this road safety enhancement project she said underscored the  Assembly's unwavering commitment.

to combating the alarming number of fatalities on our roads adding that through combined and.

persistent efforts, road crashes and fatalities had reduced by   22%  and 17% respectively.

She added that this milestone reflects the tangible impact of our collaborative endeavours to create.

safer road environments and protect the lives of our citizens.

She reiterated that the initiative will  lend credence to AMA’s relentlessness towards the reduction of.

this disheartening number of deaths on our roads.

Mayor Sackey however added that the collective efforts have thus led to a 22% and.

17% decrease in road crashes and fatalities in Accra respectively.

The Holy Spirit Cathedral intersection, a pivotal crossroad in the heart of the city, has.

been a focal point for road traffic-related crashes over the years.

According to the Police MTTD crash report, 12 crashes occurred at the Cathedral intersection between.

2018 and 2020, with 8 victims sustaining serious injuries following crashes at the intersection.


The road safety interventions undertaken at the intersection include the remarking  of faded road line.

markings (stop lines, centre lines, crossing lines, directional lines etc.

),  extension of  the medians with the use of road markings and hatching to tighten.

the intersection and the  lowing of kerbs heights at pedestrian crossings  locations to allow for.

safe and easy passage and also for wheelchair users·         Other interventions.

are the mounting of fixed painted bollards at pedestrian crossings to discourage motorcyclists from using.

such areas and reduce motorcyclist-pedestrian conflicts,  speed limit signs as well and the provision of.

junction lane definition markings at the intersection to guide vehicular movement.

 Some challenges at the intersection before the enhancements works are the intersection's expansive design, facilitating.

speeding upon entry, hazardously elevated kerbs at pedestrian crossings,  deteriorated road line markings as well.

as malfunctioning traffic signals among others.


She expressed appreciation to the BIGRS and its partners for their unremitting support to the.

city of Accra.

She concluded that the AMA is also grateful to all state institutions who supported them.

in various ways and members of the community for enduring discomfort during the period of.



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